Our Favorite Recovery Tips Most Athletes Don’t Know About

Our Favorite Recovery Tips Most Athletes Don’t Know About

Athletes are competitive and push their bodies to the max to improve their skills and their game. But there’s a fine line between working out right and working out too much. Overdoing it strains the body and increases your risk of injury. 

At Legacy Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Plano and Addison, Texas, our chiropractic doctor, Dr. Trace Alexander, specializes in sports medicine and has been helping athletes heal from injuries and improve performance for decades.

Here, we want to share some of our favorite recovery tips that may improve your athletic skills and reduce risk of future injuries.

Get enough sleep

Everyone needs sleep to recover from the day and prepare for the next. But sleep is especially important for athletes. When you’re training hard to improve your sporting skills, your body needs more time to recover. 

We recommend adding an extra hour to your usual sleep routine, aiming for a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night. 

Getting enough sleep also reduces daytime fatigue and risk of injury. It also helps your body heal faster from a sports injury.

Stay hydrated

Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to function properly. Adequate hydration is also important when you’re recuperating from an intense workout or a sports injury. Drink before, during, and after practices, workouts, and games. 

Fluid needs vary depending on the type of sport you play and the temperature outside, but the general rule is to drink 8-12 ounces of water every 30-60 minutes throughout the day. 

Fuel your body

Your nutrition plays a key role in your body’s recovery process, whether from a workout or an injury. Eating a balanced diet ensures your body has everything it needs to repair damage and regenerate new cells and tissue. 

Your body needs:

Good nutrition may not prevent a sports injury, but it can help you heal faster. 

Try complementary therapies

We offer a number of complementary therapies to help our athletes and weekend warriors recover from their workouts and injuries. We restore spine and joint alignment with chiropractic care, improving mobility and reducing pain. We also do acupuncture, a nondrug treatment for pain.

Give yourself a break

Rest is also important for recovery. Taking days off from your usual workout gives your body time to get stronger. If you feel the need to stay active, try yoga, walking, and swimming as active recovery exercises.

Rest and recovery are as important as practice for athletes and are the only way you can reach your goals. 

If you have a sports injury or want to prevent one, we can create a plan to meet your needs. Call our office at 972-899-9797 to schedule your sports medicine consultation or use the book online button. 

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